Complete+ Cream


“More than just another CBD cream”


Formulated with a team of cosmetic skincare experts over 18 months, Complete+ combines a range of organic plant extracts with the power of CBD. Eco Control certified, Complete+ is a professional quality face & body cream designed to nourish and encourage healthy skin.


“Packed with plant power”


Anyone can add CBD oil to a few kitchen ingredients – at CBD One we’re known for only producing the most potent, effective products. That’s why we took our time developing Complete+ and we are very proud to introduce this as the first in our topical range.


Featuring the power of our signature full spectrum cannabis extract:


Cannabis infused face and body cream

Over 10 organic plant extracts including Jojoba, Macadamia, Horsetail, and Aloe

Eco Control certified

Formulated with cosmetic experts

Full spectrum

Nourish and protect skin

Paraben and SLS free

Complete+ comes in a generous 110ml container and contains 250mg of CBD per 100ml. Most CBD creams are only 30-50ml!


Note: This product contains less than 0.01% THC which in most cases is undetectable.

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